PTAJ Engineering Service

PTAJ ENGINEERING SERVICE previously known as PTAJ MANAGEMENT SERVICE was founded in late 2000. It was inspired due to joy of technical services being provided to clients. As time goes by, PTAJ MANAGEMENT SERVICE ventured into other fields including safety equipment and construction of telecommunication industries. In the early of the year 2011, due to sudden interest of certain clients, PTAJ MANAGEMENT SERVICE grew quickly with mass returns and profits.
On 21 OCT 2011, PTAJ MANAGEMENT SERVICE officially became known as PTAJ ENGINEERING SERVICE and registered with SSM. Moving forward, the company has obtained MOF, awarded as Syarikat Bumiputera by MOF and registered with CIDB, we obtained Score 2 Star from CIDB. Beside this we have recently awarded with “Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan”. With this we believe our clients will be more confident with our commitment while the staff has never been more energetic and dedicated on the given task.