In the name of Allah,

Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

Dear Parents..

I welcome your interest in Pusat Tuisyen Prestasi (PTP), an education center with a proud history and an outstanding reputation for nurturing personal and academic excellence. PTP has been providing quality education in the Klang Valley, Malaysia since 1988.

PTP is dedicated to the cause of advantaging young learners, through the creation of a dynamic, forward looking learning environment. This Organisation believes that each child is special and has unique talents that educators need to nurture.PTP is to high standards of performance and behaviour which will be achieved through a careful melding of the finest traditions and values of its past with the new insights and initiatives which are such a feature of the contemporary educational world.It is PTP’s intention to create and maintain an education center which is second to none; I openly affirm to you that it is my personal ambition to make Pusat Tuisyen Prestasi one of the very best education centers in Malaysia.

As an education center, PTP is poised to enter an exciting new era, and it welcomes both the opportunities and the challenges of the future as it moves, in a manner which is disciplined, committed, and determined, towards the goal of attaining individual excellence for every student.

Systems and structures are designed to support academic excellence, pastoral care and spiritual growth. Our way is centred on Islamic values and holistic education based on respect for each person. The positive support of teachers and parents ensures that students here prosper in body, mind and spirit.

As a founder, I am proud of this center, its staff and its students, and I extend to you a warm welcome to come and experience Pusat Tuisyen Prestasi’s quality education.It is a decision which will prove richly rewarding both for you and for your child.

Jehabar Sadiq Nizamuddin

PTAJ Group of Companies